That New Years Eve Post

I’m sure you all will be tired of the “new year, new me” posts that will be on every type of social media site from now until January 2nd, but alas, here I go with a “new year, new me post”.

Okay it’s not really a new me post, but it’s a time of reflection from a very chaotic and exciting year.

I’m feeling a bit emotional today. For those of you that do not know, my fiance is military and unfortunately that lifestyle has us apart more than we are together. So here I am, alone on New Years Eve. I’m not looking for any pity here, I could have traveled somewhere to be with friends if I wanted to, I just decided to take a few days to decompress by myself before I have to go back to work.

But none-the-less, being alone on New Years Eve doesn’t create the happiest of emotions. Instead of dwelling on my loneliness, I’m channeling all my energy into reminiscing on a pretty great year.

On my last blog post, I touched upon all that has happened to me in 2017. To recap: I graduated college, started a job teaching 6th grade, moved to northern NY, adopted a dog, got engaged, and that’s just all of the big events that have happened.

It was an exciting year, but it was also filled with personal challenges that I did not see coming my way.

When we are in the moment, we don’t always see the good in challenges. Instead, we focus on the negativity, how they are draining our emotions, our stability, our security. Our tunnel vision starts to close in on us and we only see the roadblock ahead, instead of the step we have to take on this road to continue on a pretty amazing journey.

I love viewing life as a journey, as an adventure. My study abroad time secured that mindset in my whole being and I believe that mindset has helped move me through challenges that I thought were unfaceable.

And yet, we are all human. My mindset was faltering later on this past year and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do anymore. It was at that moment that the little voice in my head said, “Go to church, Katie”. But not just “go to church”, it was a “go get involved, Katie. Stop sitting in the last pew and running out during the last song- go get spiritually filled”.

I knew that I needed to do something, because I was on the verge of a breaking point. But God had me all along, I was just forgetting that.

When I sit here and look back at the year I’ve had, I thank God for the amazing man he has put in my life. I cannot wait to travel this beautiful journey with him by my side. I thank God for my cuddly pooch, Lucy. She has become a main comfort to me and I’m not sure what I’d do without her sassy self. I thank God for church; for the amazing women who have surrounded me with love and prayers- I feel it every day. And I thank God (and my fiance) for bringing me back to writing. I have no excuse since my fiance bought me a computer specifically so I could have an easier time writing.

So my “new year, new me” post is this: when the going gets tough, take a step back and go “God’s got this. He’s got a plan, I can’t see it, but I pray he takes me through it”. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but mindset plays a huge role in the way we interpret events that happen in our life. It is our choices that determine the outcome of an event. We can choose to make our lives miserable, or we can choose to make our lives an adventure.

I choose adventure, I hope you all do too.

Happy New Year,

Katie May


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