You got rid of coffee…for wine?

Let me start this post off by bluntly stating that I love wine. I typically enjoy red wine in the winter and white wine in the summer, but my Friday nights are best spent with a glass of red wine, in sweatpants, with either a good book or a great movie.

But those are my nights…my days consist very heavily of coffee.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Give me an IV of it and I’ll be ready to go (Gilmore Girls reference, for those of you that don’t know).

Well let me state my dilemma here.

I’m currently on winter break from teaching and I am visiting my brother and his wife who live outside Philadelphia. Well, they do not have a break this week so during the day I need to occupy my time. I’ve binged some Greys, took some naps, ran the dogs around, but today I figured I would go out and be human and write a blog post.

My favorite place to write blog posts (or write anything for that matter) are in either coffee shops or bookstores, but the greatest place is bookstores that have coffee shops inside of them.  I’ll wander around, check a few new books, grab a mocha latte (with soy milk) and some sort of surgery treat at the cafe, sit myself in a char in the corner, pop in the headphones and let those fingers create some ranty goodness.

It is my version of heaven (it’s just missing puppies).

Well today, I researched a bookshop that has a cafe and set off to heaven.

I first wandered around the bookshop, purchased two new books (one a cookbook that I’m hoping will motivate me to step up my diet a bit), and walked over to the cafe ready to go.

There I am, staring at the wall where it says “Wine Choices” then proceeds to list red and white wines.

I continue to look around for another list that has coffee items, and there is still nothing.

The person in front of me seems just as confused. I was just about to say something when the woman at the cash register yells over to the man:

“Excuse me sir, I’m sorry. Are you looking to get some coffee?”

“Oh yes, yes I am.”

“I’m sorry, we have switched out the coffee bar for a wine bar, we no longer serve coffee, but there is a Keurig in the corner if you want to use it.”

I’m sorry, what?

A Keurig?

In a bookstore?

In replacement of a…coffee shop?


(photo curtsey of google search).

I was so mortified that I couldn’t even sit there and write.

It took every ounce of me to not look traumatized.

I am all for wine- I absolutely love it, but this is not okay.

I feel like they’re losing some business here..but that just might be me (meaning my business…they kind of just lost that).

So alas, I did not make it to heaven today, but I came back and had some leftover Pad Thai and continued to binge watch Greys. Overall it wasn’t the worst thing ever, and now I have a new ranty blog post.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

Katie May


One thought on “You got rid of coffee…for wine?

  1. Yes, I enjoyed your post, like rants, I live outside Philly, and I love coffee. That being said, I’ll have to be careful not to walk into a wine bar/ex-coffee shop. Thanks, and take care.

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