Indiana: Not Just Cornfields

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog, but spring break took us traveling to Indiana and then the after effects of spring break had me sleep walking through teaching.

I was exhausted, to say the least.

For spring break, the fiance and I traveled to Indiana to see his family for the week. It was a great vacation, but it wasn’t completely relaxing because I can’t always fully relax in a new environment. I have met his family before, but we haven’t been out to Indiana (they’ve traveled to us previously).

Yes, it is in the middle of no-where.

Yes, there are cornfields.

Yes, we did go in the backyard and shoot random objects.

No, not everyone is as close minded as you think.

Wait, were those just my stereotypes or….?

Anyway, my favorite part of the week was traveling into Indianapolis and visiting the art museum.


I can thank my nana for exposing me to art at such a young age, because the desire to connect with art both new and old is something that I have carried with me into adulthood. I am always amazed at the innovating ways in which artists choose to express themselves, and I am always in awe at the foundation set by artists in the past.

Joseph Mallord William Turner is an artist that I studied quite frequently (understatement) when I was living abroad and I had a nice laugh with myself when I was able to pinpoint his landscape painting across the gallery.

I was also able to revisit some flowers by Georgia O-Keeffe. The last time I saw her work was at an art gallery in the Berkshires (thanks, Nana).


And I can’t finish my talk about the art gallery without talking about Norman Rockwell (whom I LOVE). I’ve only been to his museum five or six times…


I was genuinely surprised to see his work there, but I’m always excited to see a work of art from Rockwell that I have not already seen.

I could write an entire blog about my impressions on these paintings, but I’ll stick to my Indiana adventures.

During our travels, we stopped at this adorable little donut shop called “Peace, Love, and Little Donuts”. They had a display filled with about 100 different types of topping combinations that you could choose from. We got a box of 6 and chose our toppings at the counter. They have the donuts freshly made and they don’t make the toppings until you choose them. They were so fresh and soft… ugh, I want some now. I mean, look at them!


We tried to make them last throughout the day…they lasted thirty minutes.

We like dessert, there is no way to deny it.

Our Lucy Goose made a friend while she was there and they were inseparable the whole time (until Lucy figured out she could jump the fence and Minka could not…then they were a little separated). I’ve never seen a dog so exhausted after a vacation! I’ve convinced the fiance that Lucy needs a friend…so it’s only a matter of time 🙂

I was thankful for the time I was able to spend with my future in-laws. I made some great connections with new family members and I am extremely grateful to have them all in my life. I know that marrying into a family isn’t always the easiest, but I think I lucked out in that department.

I’ve got a few more stories that I’m looking to blog about within the next week. Thanks for sticking around during my absence, have any of you ever been to Indiana? Let me know in the comments- I’d love to connect with you!



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