Fox Hill B&B: The “Honeymoon”

Woooeee, ladies and gents. It has been quite an eventful past two weeks. I am finally married (I’ll be making a post for that when my photos are in), we have moved down south, and I am now living the hotel life because our house won’t be ready to move into until at least mid-week.

I also officially start work next week!

Just keep it coming life! I take your craziness with a #growthmindset!!


Since we didn’t really get a honeymoon because our honeymoon consisted of moving (so romantic, I know), we did make sure to book a nice place during one of our stops. I’m going to give a shout out to Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites  for this post because it was truly beautiful. I had found Fox Hill because the town they are in was exactly half of our trip, which was a perfect stopping point. I had scrolled through the typical chain hotels on google, but what caught my eye was the extremely high ratings that Fox Hill had received. I took one look at their website, saw they were pet friendly, and immediately booked a room. It was so nice being in a warm and inviting place with our dog instead of those slightly crappy hotel rooms that we usually get stuck in.


(Photo from Fox Hill’s Facebook)

The photo below is the view from our room!


Ugh, just give me some mountains and I am a happy gal. Those are the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. The drive through this part of Virginia was breathtaking. It was the only time I wasn’t bothered that we were driving below the speed limit because of the trailer!

They also have massive cornfields on their property, and they cut paths through them that lead to a wide open area that is perfect to throw a ball around with your dog. Not with my dog though, she probably would have taken off through the fields (too adventurous for her own good).


The room itself had a rustic/classy feel to it- I was taking snapshots in my head for my future home (the one where we live in it for more than 3 years!).


The owners of Fox Hill (a retired couple originally from the NJ/PA area) are extremely welcoming and kind. We were the only ones on the property that night, which made it feel ten times cozier. Mike is not only the maintenance guy, but he’s also the chef and let me tell you, this man can cook! Ugh, we rolled out of there in the morning thinking “How the heck are we going to drive for another 6 hours??”

We started with drinking our freshly brewed coffee out on the porch, then moved into the dining room for a wonderful two-course meal. We had some light conversation with Cathy and Mike during our breakfast, hearing of the fascinating people they have met over the two years they have been there, but they also gave us time to enjoy being with each other, which I appreciated.


By the way- the sausage was homemade…10/10.

So that’s all I have for you adventure wise.

I’m starting to compile my travel and book recommendations, which I will be posting to the pages you can find on my homepage. It’s a work in progress, so please be patient while I work on them!

I’m looking forward to sharing my wedding weekend with you! Photos should be ready within the next two weeks or so.

Enjoy the end of your summer!


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