The Wedding

It is time! I am finally getting around to blogging about my wonderful wedding. Let me preface this post with some life updates.

This past month and a half has been a whirlwind. If you have not read about my brother, please take the time to read my post about him here.

He is still fighting with all of his being, but we have a long road ahead of us and much of Ryan’s progress is going to be left to his determination and will to overcome this obstacle. I find comfort in my faith during this time, and fully believe that God has a bigger plan for him. We just need to trust in Him.

I am really enjoying my new job and our new house. I have just begun to put together my office this week and I’ll make sure to have a post about that up soon (ya know, within the month).

I don’t want to continue to ramble about my woes, but rather get down to the topic at hand: Our Wedding.

Our wedding was an absolutely wonderful (and humid) day spent with family and friends that we love dearly. When I think back on the day (already) I only think of happiness, love, and our beginning. My husband is truly my best friend and I cannot wait to see what adventures we have in this crazy life of ours.

All rights for photos given to Courtney Thomas Photography (she is so awesome).

Our wedding took place on a family owned pumpkin farm. The owners have had this farm for over 20 years, but only started to host weddings within the last 5 years or so. Their daughter’s wedding was actually the first wedding they had on the farm. This farm was the first venue I looked at, and I didn’t look at a single one after that. I knew it was the perfect place for our wedding. Our ceremony would be outside and we would have a restored barn to have the reception in. I loved that people had the option to come inside the barn to dance or walk outside and enjoy the grounds. Plus the owners felt like family upon our first meeting- I knew it was meant to be.

The owners actually open up their home the day of the wedding for the bridal party to get ready. I had one make-up artist, one hair stylist, and 5 bridesmaids (including the flower girl and maid of honor). We spent all morning getting ready, sipping mimosas, and eating bagels (I ate the food that was forced upon me!).


Gosh, this day was SO GOOD! I love looking back on these photos! I got my dress and veil from Brilliant Bridal in Las Vegas. I cannot tell you who made my dress (I know, I’m terrible), but honestly I don’t always pay attention to things like that. It wasn’t a priority to have a name-brand dress on my wedding day.

My “something borrowed” was my husbands name-tag. He is in the army and I had his tag sown into the inside of my dress.

We went from getting ready to the ceremony…


These doors were closed right before I walked down and opened right before I walked through. My parents are pastors and I asked them to marry us, therefore my two brothers walked me down the aisle and my sister was one of my bridesmaids.


And just like that, we were husband and wife 🙂

Yes, we had a horse at our wedding!

After the ceremony, we had cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, and then we partied!

Here are some more photos of the venue/rest of the day.

My Husband and I have date night every week, so we asked people to give us some ideas for future date nights.
We used antique china from the farm for our plates and basic greenery for table decor.
These were our wedding favors- I got them on Esty. They are filled with coffee and say “Love is Brewing” with our wedding date.
The farm has a trebuchet! We launched pumpkins before dessert!
We had a small cake for us to cut (my husband loves legos) and then we had cupcakes for everyone else).

I would post more photos, but I don’t have permission from everyone to post photos of them and the teacher in me is all too familiar with confidentiality, so this is all I have to offer!

I could not have asked for a better day. My husband (still sounds odd) and I would not go back and change a thing. With everything that my family is going through right now, I am truly thankful that our wedding happened when it did. My wonderful brother who is in this hospital right now, who will have to re-learn how to walk, eat, and talk, was able to walk me down the aisle two weeks prior to his brain hemorrhage. I thank God for allowing my family to have that beautiful moment. It meant so much to me to have my brothers walk me down the aisle and now it is even more special to me.

I love my family so much. These photos just remind me how blessed I am. Blessed to be in a wonderful family, blessed to have found my partner, and blessed to have married into another amazing family.

If you have not already, please take a moment today and reflect on something you are grateful for. We can get get so bogged down in our hectic lives, that we don’t stop to reflect on the beauty that is already within it.

Good things happen every day, you just need to take the time to recognize them.

Our wedding day was a good day and we are so blessed.


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