Summer Plans

This morning I forced myself to get up and put actual pants on. Not sweat pants, or workout pants, or even workout shorts–real pants [jeans]. We’re off for the summer and I realized that I’m a lazy bum if I don’t force myself to get up and do something.

Yesterday, I binged watched the entire new Charmed series on Netflix. Short Review: Listen, I was a hardcore fan of the first series, Charmed, featuring Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. I was extremely apprehensive to watch this new show, and I was honestly not nice to it during the first episode. And yet, I told myself to keep pushing through and give it a chance. Once I moved past my nostalgic self, I allowed myself to see this re-boot as not a true reboot, but almost an opportunity to give a different spin on a similar story. I had to leave the original Charmed for what it was and enjoy this new story. Once I did that, I truly did enjoy the series. I’m glad to hear it will have a season 2 and I look forward to watching.

Thank you for reading my short review on the TV show that has taken up the last 24hrs of my life.

Anyway, what I realized about myself in the last 24hrs is that I need to force myself to get up and do something or my anxiety and depression just lays itself over me like a soft blanket on a snowy day. You might be saying, “Katie, it’s your summer break, you totally need to enjoy it,” and yes, you are correct, but somehow I cannot let myself just relax. I’ve worked every summer since I was sixteen (except for last year because moving and getting married took up some time) and I’m not quite sure I know how to relax; my skin would be the first one to agree with you on this.

I am determined to prove myself otherwise this summer. I will be relaxing, but I am going to make myself get up and do some things, even if that is just going to the gym for the day.

So here is my list of things I will try to do to keep myself from turning into a ball of anxiety and self-doubt:

  • Go to a coffee shop to write/read/do grad homework (oh yes, I am now officially in Graduate school).
  • Check out local events (a woman at an antique shop I just went to showed me a local newspaper that is free and shows events happening in the area- thanks for the sign, God).
  • Join a fitness class
  • Do day trips in the area- being Military allows us to explore new areas every time we move. We should be in GA another year, so I better get started on this exploration.
  • Write (writers block is real everyone- very real).
  • Go to the swimming pool.
  • Be consistent with blog posts.

That’s a short list, but if I am honest with myself, reading can take the majority of my day and it’s a relaxation method that I know works for me every time. I think if I just make myself do one thing a day, I can allow myself to feel like I did something. It seems that every time I allow myself to do nothing all day, the voice inside my head goes: “Wow, how are you going to get anywhere with all that time you just wasted?” Yes, I know. The voice inside my head is not always the nicest- the enemy gets us every time there.

How do you enjoy your free time? Do you have a hobby, or part-time job? I’d love to gather some inspiration to help me with my summer. I can sense that a season of growth is coming for me. I’m not sure if it’s a new opportunity, or I’m being prepared for something stressful to happen, but I just feel ready to go if that makes sense. We will just have to wait and see!

Xo, Katie

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